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Iftar for the Impoverished



Safe Drinking Water

£10 a month

£10 a month

Transforming Communities



Healing the World



Divine Intervention



Nourishing Families

  • 1,000,000+ Beneficiaries Supported

Food Baskets

Communities across East Africa and India require your support to provide their families with a basic nutritious meal during this blessed month. By donating a food parcel, you will provide families with essential food items such as rice, wheat, cooking oil and more.

For £30 you can donate a Ramadhan food basket and make significant impact in the lives of those who are struggling to feed themselves and their families.   

Water Aid

Woman and children walk an average of 20km a day to collect 20L of clean, drinkable water. We work in India and East Africa to dig boreholes, instal water pumps, and lay pipelines to provide easy access to water.

For £100, you can contribute towards a water project, providing people with safe drinkable water. Quench a Mumin’s thirst today!

  • 161 Facilities Built
  • 657,154 Beneficiaries
  • 37,000+ Students Supported

Education Sponsorship

Basic primary and secondary education is beneficial for every child’s cognitive development, and intellectual growth which can lead to better academic and personal outcomes.

Sponsor a student for £10 a month to uplift communities out of poverty and empower young people.

Medical Aid

37% of the population in India require medical aid, this includes diagnostic tests, life-saving operations, medications, and treatment interventions for people in need. You can support the families in need to get the medical care they to live a better life.

Provide crucial medical support to underprivileged communities in India for £30 and secure gift them a future of good health.

  • 115 Life-saving Surgeries
  • 168,000 Beneficiaries
  • 1,200+ Copies Distributed

Quran Distribution

Many aspiring madrassa students and villagers strive to seek knowledge from the words of Allah (swt) despite having limited access to copies of the Holy Quran.

For £3.50, you can gift a copy of the Holy Quran, blessing Muslims with the divine scripture and filling their hearts with comfort and tranquillity.

Eid Gift Initiative

Many children, orphaned at young ages, spend their day dreaming of an Eid with their parents by their side, showering them with gifts and sharing the abundant blessings of this holy day.

For £8, you can send a gift to an orphan this Eid Al-Fitr and brighten a Child’s heart with happiness.

Sadaqa Qurbani

Provide families in East Africa with enough meat to indulge in a protein packed meal. Each meat slaughter weighs 5-8kg providing five families with 1.25kg of meat.

For £25, your goat slaughter will reach the impoverished and provide children and families with the nutrients they need! Nourishing families.