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Our livelihood projects enhance the socio-economic conditions of poor communities by equipping them with a skill or business opportunity, so they become financially independent.

  • 200+ Individuals Trained


Vocational Training Programme

Initiated to help unemployed youth become qualified as lumbers, electricians, drivers, fabricators, and mechanical engineers in India.

The project aims to help people sustain themselves in the long run and has trained over 200 individuals.


Skills Development Programme

Aid provided to low socio-economic individuals in India to learn new skills through a training and employability project.

Financial assistance is provided to encourage individuals to undertake vocational skills training, including beauty therapy, tailoring, fabric painting, cooking classes, and mobile phone repairing.

The project aims to make these individuals self-reliant and financially independent, and it has already skilled over 250 youth.

  • 250+ Skilled Youth
  • 370+ Households Uplifted


Animal Rearing Project

The Mainstay Foundation working in Tanzania to provide households with goats or calves, which can be sold for a sustainable income within a year.

This project supports low-income households in Mwanza, Kilimanjaro, and Morogoro in rearing animals by providing vaccinated animals and ongoing support throughout the farming process.

The project uplifted over 370 households by improving their standard of living and increasing livelihood opportunities.


Widows Support Project

The initiative supports vulnerable women across India, specifically in Gujarat, Telangana, and Uttar Pradesh.

The project provides financial support, counselling, medical assistance, and vocational skills training to gain financial independence for widows who have lost the only breadwinner of their household.

The project aims to reduce poverty and food insecurity in women-led households and has already empowered over 400 widows.

  • 400+ Widows Empowered
  • 150+ Households Supported
  • 5 Home Restorations
  • 10 Oxygen Cylinders Distributed


Emergency Support

Thousands unable to rebuild/repair houses due to financial constraints, low incomes, limited savings, and lack of government assistance. 11+ households supported.

During the second wave of COVID-19, TMF provided essential items including medications, healthcare, oxygen cylinders, and emergency food parcels.

Rent assistance was provided to 139 households and families who were at the brink of becoming homeless in Maharashtra, India.

Livelihood Statistics

  • 200+

    Individuals Trained

  • 250+

    Skilled Youth

  • 500+

    Households Uplifted

  • 400+

    Widows Empowered

  • 5

    Home Restorations

  • 10

    Oxygen Cylinders Distributed