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The Foundation believes in the importance of pursuing an education to secure a stable future. By contributing financially towards the education of students, we hope to support the Shia Muslim community and enhance research programmes and other academic facilities.  Through the academic grant programme, a grant will be available to international students looking to apply for a full time and attended first undergraduate degree; applications will not be considered from those applying for a second undergraduate or distance degree nor from those who have secured other external funding. Applicants will be assessed based on a written application, academic merit as well as the ability for the student to demonstrate the use of their degree for the advancement of the Islamic religion and/or community development. All applications will be subject to the approval of the trustees of the Foundation, whose decision will be final. 

For international students looking to study an undergraduate degree at university, The Mainstay Foundation hopes to relieve the financial burden for students facing hardship to fulfil their academic ambitions. Each successful applicant will be entitled up to a maximum sum of £12,500.00 per annum towards tuition fees for the duration of their course – the grant is not transferable and not deferable. Whilst living expenses are not usually awarded; such applications may be considered in exceptional circumstances. In order to increase the efficacy of the academic grants, the Foundation recognises that successful applicants will wish to repay the grant as a gesture of goodwill under Islamic Law in order for other students to benefit from the grant.  

If at any point you require further guidance with your application form, please contact us at: [email protected] and our team will work their best to support applicants with their application process. 

STEP 1: Apply

Initial review: All eligible applications will be shortlisted, whilst those that are not eligible will not be processed; in either case applicants will be notified, however, please note that The Mainstay Foundation is not obliged to provide reasons for its decision. This grant is only available for international students who have received an unconditional offer from a reputable university.

The application will be considered by the Foundation in line with the grant funding guidelines and subject to available funding; successful applications will progress to the second stage.

STEP 2: Due Diligence

The application will be subject to further review and further enquiries may be raised of the applicant to enable the Foundation to reach a final decision.

STEP 3: Approval

Once an application is approved to proceed, a grant agreement outlining the terms and conditions of the grant will be provided. As part of the comprehensive terms, applicants will commit to providing the Foundation with quarterly reports and updates of the course undertaken including transcripts as well as a final report upon completion of the course.

The Mainstay Foundation have partnered with the Royal Holloway, University of London, to provide PhD studentship opportunities within the Centre for Islamic and West Asian Studies (CIWAS).

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