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The Mainstay Foundation

The Mainstay Foundation (TMF) works with trusted partners across the globe, providing developmental aid, educational programmes and faith-strengthening initiatives. As Shia Muslims, our faith guides us to pursue knowledge and education for the betterment of the human condition.

Our pioneering projects across East Africa, India, the Middle East, Europe and North America have touched hundreds of thousands of lives, and we remain committed to evaluating and partnering with organisations that share our vision. As guardians of conviction, we are dedicated to building on our community’s successes and facilitating collaborative progress and development for a brighter future for all humanity.

Our Objectives

Strengthening Faith

Strengthening Faith

Our Muslim communities need programmes and projects which help strengthen their identity in faith in a meaningful way. The Foundation has concentrated on pinpointing strategic partners and organisations that can host creative programmes that engage our communities in the present while connecting them to their heritage, history, and tradition.

Developing Communities

Developing Communities

The Mainstay Foundation has provided logistical and financial support to humanitarian organisations in Africa & the Middle east. Such support has included financial sponsorship programmes for those living in poverty, in addition to ready access to healthcare for those who can’t afford it.

Fostering Education

Fostering Education

Education is embedded in almost every project we support especially in our growing communities in Africa. However, the enfranchisement of our students to pioneer in education and be supported in a way where they can focus on their studies to become the experts of their fields – that is distinct and must be highlighted.


Our Projects

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