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Lady Fatima (a) Water Initiative

Our aim is to provide clean and safe water for all, so no one remains thirsty or has to walk for miles. We do this by digging borewells, installing water pumps, and laying pipelines for easy access.

Water Wells

Regions with frequent droughts, limited surface water sources, and inadequate infrastructure often benefit from borewells to ensure a reliable and clean water source.

Water Desalination

Groundwater is not always suitable for human consumption and a water desalination plant can purify it and help alleviate water scarcity issues in coastal regions.

Bringing Clean Water to Arusha

The Mainstay Foundation dug a borehole in the Imam Ali (as) Girls Secondary School in Arusha, Tanzania. The borehole is providing clean, safe, drinkable water for up to 6500 people, including the school staff, students, villagers living within close proximity, and a hospital located around 5km away.

Brother Rashid Haider met with the school kids and villagers and visited the construction site to oversee the progress.

  • 6500+ Beneficiaries

Water Aid Statistics

  • 355,450

    Beneficiaries in Tanzania

  • 105,590

    Beneficiaries in Kenya

  • 15,450

    Beneficiaries in India

  • 73,695

    Water provided to families in Tanzania

  • 23,010

    Water provided to families in Kenya

  • 3,695

    Water provided to families in India

  • 25

    Total Water Wells