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Saving lives, reducing the mortality rates amongst underprivileged households, and improving the overall well-being of people is what we strive for.


Medical Support Project

From diagnostic tests to life-saving operations, provision of medications or treatment interventions for people in need – TMF is all about improving lives.

The Mainstay Foundation offers medical support to vulnerable individuals in underprivileged communities who cannot afford healthcare.

This support includes urgent assistance, surgeries, medications, and diagnostic testing and has helped 32,899 individuals so far.

  • 32,899+ Individuals Helped

Support Provided

On-Going Treatments

Providing pharmaceutical therapy or investigating a patience’s illness for diagnosis.

Life Saving Surgeries

Providing medical treatment and surgeries for patients suffering from life threatening diseases such as cancer, kidney failure and more.

Walk-in Clinic

Providing a patient medical attention without an appointment or prior arrangement for immediate medical attention.
  • 250+ Vulnerable Mothers Supported


Mother & Child Support Programme

Good maternal and infant health is crucial for reducing mortality rates, promoting child development, and creating better health outcomes for families and communities.

Medical Aid


  • 80,000+


  • 10,000+

    Children Benefited

  • 250+

    Vulnerable Mothers Supported

  • 32,899+

    Individuals Helped