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About the Book

It is rare to find a book that sheds light on any subject in a comprehensive, detailed, and accessible fashion. It is especially rare in books that address a specific philosophical or theological idea, such as the idea of the Awaited Mahdi (may God hasten his reappearance).

The Mahdi Paradigm does just that. It addresses many of the concepts related to the Mahdi worldview in a unique way. It tackles issues posed by both followers of Ahl al-Bayt (a) and others, responding to the most critical dilemmas and misconceptions. The author’s scholarly worldview is expressed with both clarity and with academic rigor, as he artfully addresses the practical implications of the deepest philosophical questions.

About the Author

Sayyid Ahmad Al-Ashkiwari

His Eminence Sayyid Ahmad al-Ashkiwari is a professor of Advanced Seminars (baḥth al khārij) in fiqh, uṣūl, and kalām. Alongside his scholarly activities, Sayyid al-Ashkiwari serves in a supervisory role in numerous pioneering projects of the Islamic Seminary in the Holy City of Najaf, including the Ṭībah Center and the Najaf Online Seminary for Women. In addition, he oversees the seminary’s preaching project, which includes the seminary’s educational activities during the Arbaʿīn pilgrimage season. Sayyid al-Ashkiwari studied in the seminaries of the holy cities of Najaf and Qom, under the tutelage of esteemed scholars such as Grand Ayatollah Mirzā Jawād al-Tibrīzī, Grand Ayatollah Shaykh Ḥusayn Vaḥīd Khorāsānī, Ayatollah Shaykh Muhammad Baqir al-Irawānī, and Ayatollah Shaykh Hādī Āl Rāḍī.