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Mankind lives in this world surrounded by temptation and desire. Many of us fall into complacency – becoming more and more attached to this world while not paying much attention to the hereafter. God sent His messengers and scriptures to call mankind to avoid the temptations of this world and seek the eternal life of the hereafter, setting on a journey towards an everlasting Paradise.God created a system in which our free will and choices can lead us towards the greatest of spiritual heights to be the greatest of His creations. This spiritual journey is not a small or trivial matter. We cannot approach the task of spiritual advancement without first equipping ourselves with the proper tools and understanding.This book is a compilation of lessons in ethics revolving around specific discussions on man’s relationship with God and the effects of our actions on that relationship. The topics discussed here range from the methodology for self-betterment to building a relationship with the Creator. It is an effort to provide some practical wisdom for anyone seeking to reach closer towards the Almighty.

About the Author

Sayyid Ali Al-Hakeem

Sayyid Ali Al-Hakeem is an esteemed Muslim scholar, lecturer, and researcher residing in Dubai, UAE. Sayyid Al-Hakeem spent ten years studying at the Islamic seminaries of Qum, Iran. There, he completed his Advanced Seminars (a Ph.D. equivalent in Islamic seminaries) in Islamic Jurisprudence and Thought. He also received a Master’s degree in Islamic Thought from the Islamic University of Lebanon. Sayyid Al-Hakeem has dedicated the past twenty-two years of his life to service of the Muslim community in different capacities. He serves as a resident scholar in the Imam Hassan Mosque, Dubai. He is the Chair of the Religious Committee and the religious supervisor of the Charitable Deeds Committee of the Ja’afariya Endowment Charitable Council of Dubai.