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About the Book

This historical narrative of Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib, tells the tale of his timeless character that transcends history, religions, and nations. From before his birth to the final moments of his life, Ali’s story renews within us the hope we all need.

The lessons of his life’s journey illuminate a deeper understanding of what it means to endure the darkest times, to persevere, and to rise to a purpose greater than ourselves. Embodying the definition of patience itself, Ali is the compass, the lighthouse, to guide us in navigating the world around us, and the universe within. The gateway to God’s beloved Muhammad, Ali is the answer to the wandering heart and the seeker of all that is true. Ali, is ‘the elixir of love’.

About the Author

Hajj Jalal Moughania

Jalal Moughania is an American lawyer, lecturer, and researcher. He has authored and translated original works on Islamic history and thought, religious authority in Shi’ism, and Shia Muslim identity and society. He serves as Director at the Mainstay Foundation — an NGO working in the space of research, education, and development. Moughania holds a Juris Doctorate in Law.