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Steps to Imam Hussain (as)

“Steps to Imam Hussain” offers a way to channel your spirituality and dedication even if you cannot be present physically. Your intentions and efforts will be united with the countless pilgrims.

“If one of our Shia goes for Imam Hussain’s (as) Ziarat, then he will not return but all his sins will be forgiven. For every step that he or his mount takes, 1,000 virtues are written for him, 1,000 sins are forgiven and his status is elevated by a 1,000 degrees”. – Imam Sadiq (as)

How does the ‘Steps to Imam Hussain (as)’ work?

1. Select

1. Select

Select whether you would like the Arbaeen walk to be preformed on behalf of yourself or a loved one.

2. Donate

2. Donate

Fill in the required details to donate for the Arbaeen walk.

3. Walk

3. Walk

The highly recommended Arbaeen walk will be performed on behalf of multiple people.

4. Reap

4. Reap

Reap the rewards of performing the Arbaeen walk.

Let your journey begin, one step at a time, as you honor the legacy of Imam Hussain.



The Universal Message

Sponsor an Arbaeen Majlis in African villages to commemorate the 40th of Imam Hussain (as) and his blessed family.



Safe Drinking Water

Contribute to build a reliable, clean water source for a village.

Bringing Clean Water to Arusha

The Mainstay Foundation dug a borehole in the Imam Ali (as) Girls Secondary School in Arusha, Tanzania. The borehole is providing clean, safe, drinkable water for up to 6500 people, including the school staff, students, villagers living within close proximity, and a hospital located around 5km away.

Brother Rashid Haider met with the school kids and villagers and visited the construction site to oversee the progress.

  • 6500+ Beneficiaries



Lighting a Spark

Provide orphans with the tools to change their future.